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Kylo Ren meets a strangely satisfying end in hot-knife video

That's hot! The Dark Side of the Force heats up in a short and sweet video that's gratifying to anyone who's still mad about you-know-what in "The Force Awakens."

Hot-knife videos are to the new year what hydraulic press videos were to 2016. Both are weirdly fascinating little time-wasters, something you wouldn't re-create at home, but that make for can't-look-away entertainment. They're destructive, sure, but nobody gets hurt, unless you count a $40,000 gold bar that could probably be remelted anyway.

And for those of us who've seen "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens," there's a special secret glee to be had in this latest video from the "Watch It Melt" YouTube channel.

A mysterious black glove (Lord Vader, is that you?) sneaks into frame and grabs a fully masked and costumed figurine of that film's villainous Kylo Ren. Ren's deadly red lightsaber lies useless by his side as the red-hot, reportedly 1,000-degree Fahrenheit (537 degrees Celsius) knife first stabs him, then goes for the full-on split. Hey, now he's half the man he used to be.

Admittedly, considering who Kylo Ren SPOILER SPOILER SPOILERED in "The Force Awakens," a death we're still mad about, this is not necessarily a murder to be much mourned by Star Wars fans. In fact, it's kind of satisfying. See ya, Kylo Ren, wouldn't want to be ya.

But if you're just getting into the hot-knife destructo video trend, be warned it may not last. In this video's comments, the proprietor of "Watch It Melt" thanks someone who gives the channel credit for starting the trend, but notes, "I have many more ideas for my channel, and will be making more varied kinds of videos in the future. I think YouTube is already getting sick of this idea."