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Kutcher went on Jobs' fruitarian diet, landed in the hospital

Ashton Kutcher reveals that he was so desperate to be like the Apple co-founder that he tried Jobs' dietary habits -- to ill effect.

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Did the fruit help? JBeylovesyou/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Actors are lovely people.

Until they take themselves seriously, that is.

Then, eccentricities are magnified, intentions are doubted and sanity is questioned.

What to make, you see, of Ashton Kutcher's revelation that, in some actorial attempt to be as much like Steve Jobs as he could, he became a fruitcake?

This is the technical term for someone who decides to go on a fruitarian diet, which involves only allowing fruits, nuts, and seeds inside you -- something that Jobs himself tried.

As the entirely unseedy US Weekly digests it, Kutcher was so dedicated to pursuing his craft that pursuing this diet put him in hospital.

I am sure the producers of "jOBS" were delighted with his dedication, as he was sent to ER just two days before shooting started.

"I was like doubled over in pain and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was completely terrifying, considering everything, Kutcher told US Weekly.

Terrifying, indeed. And, perhaps, not wholly unsurprising.

Still, it doesn't seem to have been as terrifying as playing Jobs.

Kutcher emoted: "It's portraying a guy who just passed away that is really fresh in people's minds, that people are really passionate about, and care about, and have an opinion about -- that's really scary. Especially portraying a guy that I really admire . . . it's terrifying, it's terrifying!"

My colleague Casey Newton, who witnessed the movie on Friday, seems to have been less terrified and more numbed at the experience, although he seemed reasonably enamored of Kutcher's performance.

I'm sure it was the fruit that got him closer to the man.