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Reporter goes after Twitter user for allegedly causing seizure

Kurt Eichenwald is on a mission to find out who sent him a tweet that triggered an epileptic seizure.

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald
Getty Images

Kurt Eichenwald is going after whoever sent him a tweet that he says triggered an epileptic seizure.

The Vanity Fair and Newsweek writer, who suffers from epilepsy, says someone or some group sent him a strobe-light image last week meant to trigger the condition. On his Twitter stream, he suggested the tweet was retaliation for his critical coverage of President-elect Donald Trump and said it was the second time he's been attacked with a strobe image over Twitter.

On Monday, a judge in Dallas County, Texas, signed a court order requiring the social network to disclose information about the user alleged to have sent the image from the now-suspended Twitter handle @jew_goldstein.

Twitter declined to comment on the order or the reported attack through its platform. Eichenwald didn't immediately return a message seeking comment. He said Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" he doesn't remember much about the seizure, was bedridden for 24 hours and will not be able to drive for months.

"Your memory gets pretty obliterated," he said. "From what was described to me, this was a multicolored strobe that was going at a speed that was designed to cause a seizure -- and it succeeded."

Eichenwald has been a frequent critic of Trump, reporting on his business ties and the conflicts of interest they might represent.

As his Twitter feed attests, he's ready to go after anyone involved.

Eichenwald has written extensively about his experiences having seizures. He said the December 15 tweet containing the strobe image did its job. He says the tweet bore the legend, "You deserve a seizure for your posts."

On Tuesday, Eichenwald told "Good Morning America" that Trump supporters have been filling his Twitter feed with so many hateful and damaging tweets that he can't look at the feed anymore. He said his followers with epilepsy can't look at his feed either.

"It is amazing to me that simply because I am a political reporter, and that I write about Donald Trump, that we have become so sick and twisted in this country that people think they have the right and obligation to inflict potentially very serious injury," he told the show.

He later wondered on Twitter why anyone would go to such lengths to demonstrate his or her dislike toward him.

He also tweeted...

And then there's this warning...