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Kula portable TV misses the mark

After spending a week with the Sungale Kula Wi-Fi portable TV, CNET's Donald Bell details all the highs and lows (mostly lows) in his full review.

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Sometimes the most successful products aren't revolutionary, but simply a refinement of an existing idea. Just as the iPod put a new spin on the MP3 player and the Snuggie remixed the Slanket, the Kula TV from Sungale riffs on the portable television concept.

On paper, the premise of the Kula TV seems airtight: give customers a Flo TV-style device with more capabilities and no monthly subscription fee for tuning in streaming television. Unfortunately, after putting the Kula TV through its paces, the reality of the device falls short in just about every imaginable way.

Trying to look past the flimsy design, $199 price tag, mediocre battery life, and poor sound quality, the Kula TV still had us pulling out our hair over the stuttering video streams and halfhearted interface design.

To hear all the gory details, read CNET's full review of the Sungale Kula portable TV.