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KudoCase: Solar ink powers iPad for 10 days

Solar ink technology sucks the energy from both outdoor sunlight and indoor light to power an iPad for days of use.

KudoCase in black
Let there be light.

The sun is busy powering all sort of devices these days. There's a solar plane, a solar keyboard, and a solar Apple data center. Solar iPad and iPhone cases have been around, but they often require a fair amount of sunshine to make them work well.

The KudoCase from Kudo is taking a slightly different approach. As far as the KudoCase is concerned, sunlight is nice, but indoor light will do just fine.

KudoCase in green
The KudoCase comes in a variety of colors. (Click to enlarge.) Kudo

Kudo claims that your iPad can go 10 days, with 2 hours of iPad use per day with average light. That's all a little vague, but it's also plenty intriguing. I usually plug my iPad in for a recharge every two days. It would be nice to extend that time a bit.

The $199.95 KudoCase is more than a cover with a solar panel. It also has a battery built in to store excess energy, an HDMI port, USB power-out for charging your phone or camera, and a whistle locator. That last one is for when your iPad falls behind the couch cushions. Whistle and the case will beep to help you find it.

Kudo really pushes the green angle for these cases. The solar panels are made from photovoltaic ink, an organic material. The housing is formed from biodegradable grains, and each Internet purchase also plants a tree.

The cases are currently on back order, with expected availability in June. Choose from black, gray, pink, blue, or green. I recommend green.

(Via Earth Techling)