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Kraft Gives BlogTalkRadio Some Cheese

BlogTalkRadio looks to expand

If you're not familiar with BlogTalkRadio, it's an Internet-based social radio network founded in August 2006 by former Telcom executive Alan Levy and Bob Cherish. The premise of the site allows those with an opinion, phone, and computer the forum to host their own talk show, providing the blogger the opportunity to interact with their audience in real time. Plus, with ad-revenue sharing, it makes creating and hosting a show even more enticing

According to the New York Times, 3 million listeners tuned in last month to more than 12,000 radio segments. Some of the segments showcased Hollywood's best: Brad Pitt, Linda Carter, and Brian DePalma, just to name a few. As well as on the political side: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and the Obama campaign.

Recently receiving $4.6 million in funding led by the Kraft Group, owners of the New England Patriots, Levy plans to expand on what has been a great success thus far. He intends to use the funding to expand its offerings to companies such as Intel, Sun Microsystems, and the Department of Defense--which all currently have channels on the site. He also has plans to add live video service in the near future.