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Korg Mini Kaoss Pad audio clips

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell tries out the new Korg Mini Kaoss Pad with his iPod and posts audio clips of the results.

Photo of Korg Mini Kaoss Pad and Apple iPod
Two great tastes that taste great together.
Corinne Schulze / CNET

Last month I wrote about the release of Korg's mini, battery-powered version of their Kaoss Pad audio effects processor. Well, I finally got my hands on one, and I'm happy to report it is every bit as cool as I had hoped. To refresh your memory, the Korg Mini Kaoss Pad is a palm-sized, battery-powered effects processor that lets you warp and remix any stereo line signal. My full review (with video) of the Mini Kaoss Pad posted on CNET this week, but it didn't have any audio samples to let you hear what it can do. I'm working on updating the review with audio, but in the meantime, as a Crave exclusive, here's some recordings I made at my desk using the Mini Kaoss Pad to effect a dry drum loop playing from my iPod.

The drum loop with no effects (MP3)

The drum loop run through the Mini Kaoss Pad's "Smooth Delay" (MP3)

The drum loop run through the Mini Kaoss Pad's "Vinyl Looper" (MP3)

The drum loop run through the Mini Kaoss Pad's "Looper/Flanger" [watch your ears!] (MP3)

Granted, these are three of the more extreme effects out of the 100 available, but they illustrate the idea behind the appropriately named Kaoss Pad--that is, interactive audio mayhem. Definitely not for everyone, but the sonic sadists out there should love this thing.