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Kohler offers lavatory landing lights

The Kohler Nightlight toilet seat bathes your latrine in a soft blue glow to guide you through nighttime bathroom expeditions.

Kohler toilet with Nightlight seat
Find your toilet in the dark.

Kohler wants to guide you safely to your potty destination with its new Kohler Nightlight toilet seat with blue LED lights.

You get to choose from two styles: Cachet Q3 or Reveal Q3. Yes, those are real names for toilet seats.

Blue LED lights run on four AA batteries that power the seat for up to six months. This is good because nobody wants to have to plug a toilet seat into a wall outlet. It runs on a seven-hour cycle. After you install the seat, you push a button to tell it when to light up. After that, it turns on at the same time every night.

Kohler wasn't content with just one set of LEDs; it went with two. There's the "guiding light" that glows at the back of the seat when the lid is down, and the "task light" that sends a soft glow around the rim of the bowl when the lid is up.

The point of all this is that you won't have to fumble for the light switch and blind yourself when you're on a midnight bathroom raid. It's also supposed to help people with bad aim find the bowl in the dark.

Making it perhaps the most polite toilet seat you've ever encountered, the Kohler Nightlight comes equipped with a feature that prevents the toilet seat from slamming down and waking up every creature in the house.

Sure, you could save the $83 you'd have to spend on this fancy seat and simply buy a cheap nightlight, but isn't a glowing toilet seat a lot more fun? It's like having helpful little blue fairies cast magic spells from beneath your bum so you don't have to be afraid of the dark.

Kohler Nightlight close-up
One button sets the start time. Kohler