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Kodak enters the fashion fray

Kodak is attempting to take a leaf out of Nokia's book by offering a range of fashion accessories for its EasyShare cameras.

Crave Asia

We never expected to see the day when Kodak branched out into beads and handbags, especially for a target market of females 14 and up. But yesterday, during its launch for its new M-series EasyShare cameras, was that day.

Like Nokia, which began offering beaded wrist straps for its 6085 fashion phone, Kodak will soon begin selling fashion wrist and neckstraps for its cameras (though we suspect they'll fit any point-and-shoot). There are a variety of bead shapes and colors for the straps, including red, pink, silver and black, all priced around $18.

The bags range in size from a brown wristlet through aqua and pink clutches (pictured here) to a larger green bag with in-built purse. Each bag features a compartment that will snugly fit a camera, as well as slide-in holders for SD cards. The larger ones also sport a pocket for mobile phones.

(Source: Crave Asia)