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Klooff: like Instagram for your pets

Social media platform Klooff is a place where pet lovers can go to see nothing but photos of adorable animals.


If you ever found yourself sad because there were way too many humans cluttering up your social media feed, there's a solution. It's called Klooff, and it's all pet pictures, all the time.

"There's three times more pets than kids in the US," Kloof founder explained to CNET. "Pets have become very relevant in our daily lives, but there's no place for them online -- and people are taking ridiculous amounts of photos of them! We created Klooff to give pet parents a place to share all the awesome moments they live with their pets."

Klooff operates kind of like Instagram, allowing users to share photos and seven-second videos, but it has a few key differences. Firstly, it has a web browser interface, so you don't need an app or a log-in to enjoy the photos. Secondly, it has specific sections for various kinds of pet photos: funny photos, pets in costumes, various breeds, pets wearing socks, even pet selfies.

This means, Russo says, that you don't need followers to have your photos seen, and that anyone can just jump in, browse, and vote on the best photos. This voting then curates a daily top 10 so that, if you have a good photo, chances are you'll be seen by the network's 1.5 million-strong user base.

The other thing is that when you do create a log-in, you do so as your pet.

"Our users really love Klooff. Most of them spend over seven minutes every time they come and come back at over twice a week," Russo said. "What they love the most is the Top 10 List. When their pets get nominated and then selected into the Top 10 List it really makes them happy. Several users email us to tell us how excited they are to have their pooches featured on the Top 10."

And, of course, no matter what, there are always plenty of new photos to browse.

"What I like the most about Klooff is the content. Every morning I go into Klooff and get in a happy mood immediately. The photos that people post are truly hilarious. I also love how global it is; you see people from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and they're all sharing awesome photos of their pets. It's really wonderful."

At the moment, the service is limited to just photos and videos, but Russo told CNET that he has some exciting ideas in the pipeline, to be rolled out over the next few months. What those will be remains to be seen, but in the meantime, there are plenty of adorable animal pictures to enjoy. You can visit the Klooff website here, and download it here for iOS and Android.