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Kleiner goes green in India - Friday morning green tech roundup

Kleiner Perkins eyes Indian clean-tech firms; climate change in SimCity; carbon capture with clever financing; and turning chocolate into biodiesel.

A serving of green tech news from around the Web.

Kleiner to invest in Indian clean-tech firms. In India, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers expects a majority of its investments to come from solar power and distributed generation (which includes bio-fuels) companies.

Be an Eco Sinner or Saint in the New SimCity. The latest version of the popular video game Sim City lets players play out the climate change experiment, says environment reporter Andrew Revkin. New York Times Dot Earth blog

Carbon Capture Moves Ahead. Blue Source demonstrates a remediation system that could capture carbon dioxide at advanced coal plants. Technology Review.

Chocolate is turned into fuel. UK inventor takes waste chocolate (is there such a thing?) and turns it into biodiesel. Lancashire Evening Post.

Start-up make electrical power from motion. Charge your iPod or cell phone while you walk. Motion-powered battery company M2E Power gets $8 million in funding. CNET Green Tech blog.