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Kitchen computing at its best

The 'Icebox' line provides PCs for the modern home

Any modern homebuilder will tell you that the kitchen has increasingly become the most important gathering place in many houses, even more than a family or living room. New construction reflects that lifestyle change, often building computer hutches and other non-cooking facilities into the design, yet PC makers typically treat the room as an afterthought. (Water near the keyboard? Horrors!)

The "Icebox," however, is designed specifically for use in this ostensible danger zone. The wireless keyboard and remote are fully washable, according to Appliancist, but if you still don't want grubby little mitts all over them you can use the touch screen LCD. And to keep said paws away from that too, you can mount the 12.1-inch rotating "Flip Screen" on the wall and out of harm's way.

None of this comes cheap--$1,500 for the countertop version and $2,000 for hte FlipScreen--but if you've ever had apple juice spilled on your laptop at the kitchen counter, this might seem like a bargain. It's also the perfect accompaniment to the Lego dishwasher.