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'King of the Nerds' looking for crown contenders

Are you geeky enough to win "King of the Nerds?" As the geeky reality show searches for the next crop of contestants, Crave talks to casting manager Erik Leazure about what it takes to apply.

Do you have what it takes to be the next contestant in "King of the Nerds?" TBS

Knowing the name of every planet visited on "Star Trek" or being able build a robot from scratch may make you the biggest geek in the room, but do you have what it takes to be geek royalty and win $100,000?

The TBS reality show "King of the Nerds" is looking for men and women who love science, math, engineering, computers, robotics, sci-fi, comics, cosplay, and other geeky endeavors for Season 3. During previous seasons, contestants competed in Nerd Wars and Nerd-Offs that included geeky pop culture trivia contests, science tests, LARPing competitions, robot battles, spelling bees, solving cryptograms, and more.

"We are looking in every corner of Azeroth to find the best of the best nerds and geeks," "King of the Nerds" casting manager Erik Leazure told Crave. "We want engineers, cosplayers, physicists, hackers, hard-core gamers, anime fanatics, comic book collectors, or anything else in the realm of nerdom. We encourage everyone to apply no matter what their level of nerdiness. The only surefire way to not get on the show is to not apply!"

Nerds and geeks who want to apply to be on the show should send their name, phone number, any academic credentials, and a brief summary about why they should be on "King of the Nerds" to

Leazure suggests applicants show off their personalities and not shy away from touting their geeky accolades.

"Let your nerd flag fly high," Leazure said. "We are looking for your passions to ooze through the computer screen when we watch your videos. If you aren't excited to show off your collection of 1,000 comic books, or your hand-painted 'Star Wars' figurines, then we won't be excited. We feed off of your energy and love to see you excited about your nerdy or geeky passions."

Calling all gamers, cosplayers, and scientists! Casting has begun for the next season of "King of the Nerds." TBS