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Kindle rival Plastic Logic partners with Olive Software

Plastic Logic partners with Olive Software to develop content publishing solutions its upcoming e-Reader.

Plastic Logic

So far, Amazon's Kindle has been in a safe position as one of the dominant electronic readers on the market. However, this may be changing because its rival, the Plastic Logic e-Reader, has been busy gaining prelaunch partners.

Plastic Logic, the start-up maker of the possible Kindle "killer" e-reader, announced Thursday that Olive Software will be a key service provider and partner for the Plastic Logic Publishers Program. The partnership means the two companies will develop content-publishing solutions for newspapers, magazines, and Web content providers, as well as other publishers that distribute their content via Plastic Logic's e-reader.

Olive is a prominent digital publishing company that produces hundreds of newspapers and magazine titles across multiple platforms--including electronic reading devices, smartphones, browsers, and Internet-enabled TV.

The Plastic Logic e-reader is an electronic reader designed specifically for mobile users. The device will be about the size of an 8.5-inch by 11-inch pad of paper and weighs less than most magazines. It seems to be an ultrathin, simple, and strong device, gauging from a recent demo.

Differentiating the new e-reader from the Kindle is the fact that it supports both 3G and Wi-Fi. This means you can download new content via wireless on the go, and from your home and office Wi-Fi networks. In addition, apart from published contents, the Plastic Logic e-reader supports popular document formats, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

Recently, Plastic Logic also hooked up with Barnes & Noble and announced that it will use AT&T's 3G network.

The Plastic Logic Reader is due to launch early next year. For now, it's still unclear how much it will cost.