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Kindle DX reveals its inner self

RapidRepair has taken apart the Kindle 2 and posted pictures of the whole dismantling process.


RapidRepair is at it again. Last week it took apart the Palm Pre, and now it's dismantled the Kindle DX.

No word on how much it costs Amazon to build the DX (read full review here), but I'm sure we'll have that soon enough (anybody want to guess?). For those interested, here's a list of chips on the circuit board:

  • Samsung 916, K4X1G323PC-8GC3, EMA188A5
  • Samsung 907, KMBLG0000M-B998
  • MC13783VK5, AM86D, CTRE083B
  • Samsung 840, K4M28323PH-HG75, AAH055BE
  • Epson D135211B1, F09090125. E-INK
I also like what the folks at RapidRepair say at the end of the operation:

"Simply follow these steps in reverse to put your Amazon Kindle DX back together! The Kindle DX has many replaceable parts inside. In many ways this product is user serviceable."

Good to know.

Check out another picture after the break.