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Kimmel on Fox News' gadgets: Like a divorced guy at Best Buy

The late-night comedian seems troubled by Fox News' new vast tablets -- and, well, Shepard Smith's lightsaber.

Now that is futuristic.
Jimmy Kimmel LIve/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Gadgets are sometimes substitutes for other sorts of stimulus.

So when Jimmy Kimmel spotted the fairly vast, beautifully balanced new Windows tablets in Fox News' new so-called Deck of a newsroom, he was reminded of going where no man has gone before, into a stratosphere of exactitude, where truth defeats all.

Um, no. I might have got my analogies in a twist there.

What he actually said was: "It looks like what happens when a guy gets divorced and then goes nuts at Best Buy."

Some might wonder, though, if Kimmel is, in fact, secretly envious of Fox's wondrous gadgetry. Especially of Shepard Smith's lightsaber.

Oh, you didn't know about Smith's lightsaber?

When you're presenting the very latest news on the very latest technology you have to brandish your own very latest weapon.

You can't just have some ancient remote or a prehistoric clicker. This has to be something that viewers will marvel at and gravitate to.

It's a risky thing, as Kimmel's video ultimately shows.

But then presenting news that will make viewers stop and think has always been a risky business.

People are so reluctant to think these days.