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Kim Kardashian tweets her anger at tech

Commentary: She's pained by such failings as autocorrect trying to change your curses.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Will tech companies jump now?

Marc Piasecki, GC Images

One of the reasons we revere stars is that they articulate what we're feeling in ways that we wish we could.

It's how Donald Trump got elected. And it's how Kim Kardashian stays atop the media landscape like a Yoda of our times.

On Sunday, she turned her attention to tech. Kardashian knows tech. She has more than 50 million Twitter followers. She is a successful video game entrepreneur. And she's sick and tired of certain basics that tech cannot get right.

"Everything should have an edit button and auto correct shouldn't be a f***ing idiot! And PS no one ever says ducking..." she tweeted, in language more colorful than these boring asterisks.

She'd clearly considered this tweet very carefully, as Twitter is one of those services that doesn't offer the opportunity of editing.

Who, though, could disagree with her? The tech world constantly crows that it's making the world a better place. Couldn't it concoct ways for us to perfect our simplest communications?

And who cannot be moved by her insistence that our curses shouldn't be edited by a machine that seems to believe we are desperate to add "ducking" to so many sentences?

How odd it is, indeed, that tech thinks it can edit us and won't let us edit ourselves.

Of course, Kardashian had her own run-in with Apple's autocorrect horrors. If you typed "larda**" into iOS 9.2, it would be autocorrected to "Kardashian."

It's clear, though, that tech companies should heed her word. This isn't some ordinary customer. This is one of the most powerful tastemakers of our times.

You don't want to risk Kardashian editing your brand out of her life.