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T-Nubile? Kim Kardashian to star in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad

Technically Incorrect: The permanently famous icon of iconness announces on Twitter that she will be shilling for the Uncarrier. She also claims to miss T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

La Kardashian discussing the precise positioning of the phone on her person during the shoot? Kim Kardashian/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Honestly, who can tweet: "I have some exciting news to share today!!!!" and make the world swoon on its axis?

No, not Justice Antonin Scalia, nor Anthony Weiner. Not even His Justin the Bieber.

Here is sample response to that tweet: "whats going on queen? A new baby perhaps?"

And the answer is: Yes, a new baby. For we are speaking reverently of Kim Kardashian and her latest baby is a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile.

I know this because my bottomless perusal of her Twitter account threw up this gem: "So excited! Going to be in a @TMobile ad! Only sad part was no @JohnLegere sighting. See it on @ConanOBrien tonight!"

For just one of those tweets, I estimate (on the basis of little other than her astonishing personal power) that T-Mobile (un)carried $300,000 from its bank vault and delivered it to Kardashian.

Those of a technological and prying bent will note La Kardashian's particular pain in failing to encounter T-Mobile CEO John Legere on the shoot.

Legere is a fine self-publicist himself. Could it be that he learned some of his glorious tweeting skills at the feet of the great woman herself?

Still, I'm sure you're more excited to discover tonight precisely how much of this no-doubt pulsating oeuvre Kardashian will reveal to Conan.

She is extremely well-versed in the art of the tease, after all.