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Kim Jung Un gets down in viral video, North Korea gets fumed

The Dear Leader busts out some serious dance and combat moves in a Chinese-made video that's got (almost) everyone laughing.

Who knew the Dear Leader had such amazing moves? Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

North Korea might be Internet-phobic and China might have its Great Firewall, but the leader of the former was just lampooned by a resident of the latter in a viral video that's making lots of people laugh -- except, of course, Kim Jung Un himself.

According to the English-language Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, the video was made by a Chinese man bearing the surname Zhang who reportedly studied at a university in South Korea.

The paper goes on to cite a source in China saying North Korea felt the clip "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority" and asked China to stop the spread of the video, which is quickly going viral, but that "Beijing was unable to oblige."

Whether or not the video undermines Kim's authority, it certainly shows that he's got some killer moves both of the combat and dance varieties. The Dear Leader's head is spliced onto a variety of bodies that see him getting down on a ball field, getting karate-kicked by Obama (who also gets the head-spliced-onto-different-body treatment), skipping through a field with Osama Bin Laden, and doing some serious kung fu fighting.

He also gets boinked in the butt by a rocket. But to say any more would ruin the video, so I'll stop there. Except to also add that the sound track, according to Boing Boing, is a Chinese pop hit made by the Chopstick Brothers, who have made viral videos of their own in the past.

And now, without further delay, here is Kim Jung Un, getting down with his bad self.