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Kill your camera cords: Eye-Fi reveals a wireless SD card for digital cameras

Eye-Fi has revealed the Eye-Fi Card, a 2GB SD card with Wi-Fi capabilities that can let your camera sync to local systems and upload to popular photo sharing sites wirelessly.


Wi-Fi-enabled cameras aren't really anything new. Many professional photographers use wireless adapters with their SLRs, and we've seen a small handful of Wi-Fi-enabled snapshot cameras over the past few years. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi on SLRs requires a rather pricey equipment investment, and Wi-Fi on snapshot cameras until now has only worked on certain models with built-in wireless modules.

Eye-Fi has announced its plans to change the limitations of wireless shooting with the Eye-Fi Card. While it looks like an ordinary (albeit painfully orange) 2GB SD card, it's really a 2GB SD card with a Wi-Fi chip inside.

After a short configuration process consisting of popping the card into an SD card reader and following a series of prompts, you can just pop the card into your favorite SD-compatible camera and start shooting. The card will seek out any wireless networks you've registered to it and start uploading pictures as soon as you take them. Your photos automatically upload to your local computer, and can also automatically transfer to popular photo-sharing services like Webshots, Flickr, and Photobucket.

We've gotten our hands on a preproduction Eye-Fi Card, and you can expect a more detailed write-up of the device soon. The Eye-Fi Card retails for $100 and is available now from major online stores.