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Kill countless hours aboard the pixelated USS Enterprise

Pixeltrek, an exploration-style game where you take on the role of Data aboard the USS Enterprise-D, will suck up your free time.


Pixeltrek, an exquisitely detailed, pixelated look at the "Star Trek" USS Enterprise, lets you go boldly go where no man has gone before -- like the guys' restroom on the ship.

By using the WASD keyboard keys, players can explore the Enterprise through the eyes of Lieutenant Commander Data. There's really not much to Pixeltrek aside from exploration, but it's super easy for even the casual Trekkie to spend countless hours lost aboard the ship exploring the various nooks and crannies.

There are several small tie-ins to the series that make the experience special, from the intricacies of the bridge to the decorations in each of the crew quarters, and even Picard's lion fish. The only thing missing is sound.

So set your phasers to stun, and get exploring.

(Via io9)