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Kids introduced to Walkman cassette players, hilarity ensues

Watch the next generation of gadget lovers attempt to use outdated tech like tape cassettes and a Walkman. Get ready to feel old thanks to the latest "Kids React" video from The Fine Brothers.

How can kids possibly listen to tunes without an iPad? Screenshot of The Fine Brothers video/CNET

Remember popping in a tape cassette of your favorite band into a portable Walkman player? It wasn't that long ago that we all thought a Walkman and a pair of headphones were the ultimate way to listen to music.

In this "Kids React to Walkmans" video by new-media production duo Benny and Rafi Fine -- also known as The Fine Brothers -- kids and teens attempt to figure out the portable cassette player known as the Walkman with mixed results.

"After we covered the rotary phone we wanted to bring something that is more recent technology to see just how far the gap truly was, especially when there are devices like tablets and iPhones now that are a good comparison to things like the portable cassette player to discuss with the kids," Benny Fine told Crave.

In the video, kids and teens alike poke and prod the Walkman, without a clue as to how the portable player actually plays music. The kids also show a similar reaction when handed a plastic cassette tape and asked to put the tape in the Walkman.

"Oh, are these like in the movies?" Krischelle, age 9, asks in the video.

When handed a pair of headphones for the player, one kid smiles and says,"My grandpa has these!"

While many of the kids interviewed complained about how long it takes to put the cassette in the player, plug in headphones, and then listen to the music, another kid counters saying it's just as time-consuming to play music on an iPad.

"On the iPad, you have to go into the Internet, find Pandora, click that thing. You have to make it play, ya know?" Maxim, age 7, says in the video.

While watching this video may make some of us feel ancient, it's important to remind ourselves of the technology from the past so we can appreciate the gadgets of today.

"We find it fascinating as even our whole careers have been made with technology that did not exist even when we were already adults, let alone kids today and just how fast the world can change," Fine told Crave. "It's an important reminder, how we create new things and how it impacts the world, and we should be appreciative of how far we've come, because we really do take it for granted. Think of how quickly we've evolved in just the last few years, or a decade; it's a pretty amazing thing. Honestly, if we gave younger kids even an iPod, they may not fully know how to use it, and the fact it isn't also a phone would make it obsolete to them. Reflection and nostalgia combined -- we love it."