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Kids camera disguised as a game controller

Polaroid's new camera for kids takes photos and plays games.

It seems that long-time Instant Film maker Polaroid is making an attempt to target kids with their digital cameras. The Pixie CKA-00301S is a 3-megapixel shooter shaped like a handheld gaming device and, yes, it comes with 8 built-in games to entertain the little ones.

Pixie CKA
Cute overload: Kids cameras from Polaroid. Polaroid

Kids can use either the 2.4-inch LCD to frame their shots or the two viewfinders located above the display. We think the camera looks like a mask when kids bring it up to look through the viewfinder.

The pixie digital camera comes with 2x digital zoom, 16MB of internal memory and SD flash memory expansion slot. It is powered by two readily available AAA-sized batteries.

Available in two color schemes: Yellow/pink for the girls and orange/blue for the boys, the pixie digital camera is available online for $79.99.

(Source: Crave Asia)