Kickstarter of the week: Timber and Stone

Timber and Stone combines a voxel-based isometric world with real-time strategy gameplay.

(Credit: Robert Reed)

Timber and Stone combines a voxel-based isometric world with real-time strategy gameplay.

Ever since Minecraft exploded onto the gaming scene, voxel-based games have been proliferating. Timber and Stone is a game that combines resource-gathering, town-building and real-time strategy gameplay. It's the brainchild of Robert Reed — who's doing something all devs should do, which is making the game he wants to play.

"I wanted to play a city building game with the feel of an RTS game, but with more depth," he said. "More resources, more control, more complexity. In a fantasy/medieval setting ... Such a game didn't exist in the form I wanted to play. So I decided to create it. Inspiration comes from games like Caesar, Zeus, Age of Empires, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft."

The result is a sandbox-style game where the player is free to build any sort of settlement they want — everything can be customised and tailored the way you want to play it, just like Minecraft. But the threat of invasion ever looms — and the more resources you amass, the more attractive your kingdom is to enemy hordes.

(Credit: Robert Reed)

The resulting battles follow a more defensive style of RTS as you defend your own territory — with each attack creating real-time visible damage that you will need to repair.

Siege towers, ladders, catapults, trebuchets, ballistas, drawbridges and moats will all be available to the player (and enemies). The benefit of a voxel-based world is that all of this will damage the terrain — trebuchets fire will carve holes into the earth; catapults will be loaded with boulders, flaming tree stumps or dead bodies; fire arrows will scorch farms and burn wooden buildings to the ground; your enemies will mine beneath your fortifications to get into the city.

We love the scope of it — various types of professions will be included to create, maintain, defend and repair your settlement, as well.

This seems to be a labour of love for Reed, who wants to recreate the joy of Lego warfare. He is working on it alone; but, if he gets the US$50,000 he is asking, the game will be ready for release by the end of this year, with Reed hoping to provide consistent updates and DLC.

If it sounds great to you, check out the video below — and then head on over to the Timber and Stone Kickstarter page to learn more and help Reed achieve his vision.