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KFC sunscreen makes you smell like fried chicken

Nobody asked for fried-chicken-scented sunscreen, but KFC made it anyway.

Colonel Sanders
The Colonel wants you to sunbathe safely and smell like cooked chicken.

A quick survey of sunscreens reveals they usually come bottled with scents like "sunshine," "coconut," "cucumber," "mango" and "gentle breeze." These fragrances evoke thoughts of summer, beaches and outdoor fun. KFC, the global fried-chicken fast-food franchise, decided sunscreen should evoke thoughts of bubbling hot oil, dead birds and 11 herbs and spices.

On Monday, KFC introduced Extra Crispy Sunscreen, a reference to a style of chicken, not the kind of skin the sunscreen will leave you with if you use it.

The sunscreen smells like fried chicken, but it still acts like a real sunscreen with a SPF 30 rating. KFC gave bottles of the sunscreen away online, but it's now thankfully out of stock. That means I will never know the joys of fried-chicken sunscreen and I'm okay with that.

KFC gives this helpful explanation of how the sunscreen works: "Harmful ultraviolet rays bounce off your skin while the lovely fragrance rays penetrate it to give you a healthy chicken aroma." Good luck keeping the hungry seagulls off your scrumptious-smelling flesh.

A suitably weird video accompanies the product unveiling. It features famously tanned actor George Hamilton playing the role of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. "Smells like chicken. Tastes like sunscreen," he says.

The fast-food franchise wants everyone to know the sunscreen is a real product, but it's not an edible one. "Do not eat this product. Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious," says KFC.

KFC doesn't shy away from strange marketing stunts. KFC Japan offered up a totally bizarre chicken-themed keyboard back in 2014. KFC Hong Kong tested out the beauty waters with fried chicken-flavored nail polish earlier this year. Now we just need KFC to get together with Nivea's sunscreen-pooping seagull drone to really fuel up our nightmares.