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KFC fried-chicken keyboard: It's finger-clicking good

KFC Japan offers up a bizarre Twitter contest with the lucky winner taking home a keyboard decorated with fried chicken parts.

KFC keyboard
This is complete madness. KFC Japan

Have you ever gazed at your keyboard and thought, "Wow, that looks good enough to eat"? Probably not. That's because you don't own a KFC fried-chicken keyboard. Yes, such a miracle does exist, but only if you're fortunate enough to live in Japan and get onboard with the chicken giant's Twitter promotion that will select a winner to become to the proud owner of the deep-fried-style peripheral.

As far as fast-food-chain publicity stunts go, this is quite an original one. The keyboard is covered with little raised models of various cuts of fried chicken on each key. The only easily readable letters are the "K," "F," and "C" from the company's name. Colonel Sanders shows up in a couple of places. His face appears down where the Windows button normally sits on a PC keyboard, and a mini-Colonel figurine stands sentry where the escape key usually is.

There's also a miniature bucket and soft drink in the upper right-hand corner. It would help to be an accomplished touch typist to use this keyboard, because hunting and pecking would require squinting past the drumsticks and thighs to make out the small embossed letters on each key.

This melding of greasy, poultry-based food with a computer input device doesn't just call it a day with a keyboard. There are more wonders left to discover. The promotion also involves a drumstick-shaped mouse with a scrolling wheel on the top (it actually looks more like a diseased sweet potato than a chicken part). The drumstick theme continues with a USB drive. To complete the look, KFC Japan also created some screw-on drumstick earrings, so the lucky winners can fashionably match the keyboard.

There's no word on whether the keyboard will coat your fingers with oil for realism or if it will smell like a deep fryer. The biggest issue is not that the keys look uncomfortable to type on, but rather that every other keyboard in the world will now pale in comparison to the sheer magnificence that is the fried-chicken keyboard.

KFC chicken mouse
This is supposed to look like a drumstick. KFC Japan

(Via Kotaku)