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Keyport: The humble keychain gets all fancy

The Keyport Slide keychain alternative gathers all your keys together in a tiny metal box. It's pricier, quieter, and a whole lot cooler than that big ring you're carrying around now.

Keyport Slide
I've got the key to the highway, my house, the office, a gym locker, a flashlight...

Many a tense movie moment has hinged on a character desperately sorting through a ring of keys, trying to find the right one that opens the door to safety. That plot gimmick could become a relic of the past if the new Keyport Slide catches on in Hollywood.

This little metal gizmo replaces the unwieldy and old-fashioned keychain with something more akin to a Gerber Multitool. This is the keychain MacGyver would have if he ever emerges from the '80s.

Each keyport comes with a set of blank key blades that you have cut to match your existing keys. They disappear into the box when not in use and slide out at the push of a tiny button. The buttons are color-coded so you have a better chance of finding the right key at the right moment. That's handy if you plan to star in a horror flick.

The whole package comes across as something that Q developed down in the 007 laboratory. "If you see this slim box, James, you'll notice that it contains your Aston Martin key, a flashlight, and a martini stir stick for emergencies."

The standard Keyport Slide bundle runs $79 and includes six standard key blades. Even fully loaded, the Keyport still skims in at less than 2 ounces. A true geek won't be satisfied with just keys. You'll need to show off the optional flashlight, bottle opener, and USB drive. The LED insert costs $10, the bottle opener comes in at $6, and the USB drives are available for $19 for 4GB and $29 for 8GB. You can store a decent amount of top secret data with that.

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Keyport also offers a menu of chipped and non-chipped car keys. If you're like me and you drive a 2008 Prius, you'll find that the Keyport isn't compatible with your key's proximity sensor. You'll have to hook your car key up to the detachable lanyard. That reduces the sleekness factor for some people, but many other auto keys are still available.

What kind of person is going to spend over $100 for a tricked-out keychain replacement? You know who you are. It's all about the cool factor. The Keyport will look great with your brand new silver Dodge Charger.