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Keyboard-shaped waffle iron: Take a bite out of type

The world's geekiest waffle iron has launched on Kickstarter, to bring waffles in the shape of computer keyboards to your breakfast table.

Keyboard Waffle Iron
Brunch is about to get way geekier. Chris Dimino

Chris Dimino is a designer with a vision, a vision to place keyboard-shaped waffles on the plates of hungry geeks the world over. Why? Because he can and because the little indentations in a waffle can be made to perfectly align with the design of a standard computer keyboard, but only if you have a Keyboard Waffle Iron. Dimino is currently trying to crowdfund his nerdy brunch buddy on Kickstarter.

What's extra-amusing about the Keyboard Waffle Iron is that it's about as low-tech as a waffle iron could possibly be. It's made of die-cast aluminum with a Bakelite handle. It's also wireless, meaning you'll have to crank up your stove top, spritz the iron with cooking spray, fill it with batter and cook it over the heat, making sure to flip it after a few minutes.

If the resulting waffle is too big for your favorite plate, you can always cut it in half and make a split keyboard. If you prefer ergonomic curved keyboards, then you're out of luck. As with any waffle iron, it can handle both sweet and savory waffles and the resulting waffles are designed to hold toppings like fruit or syrup, cupping the condiments in the key-shaped pockets.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron has attracted over $8,500 in funding toward a $50,000 goal with 28 days left to go. The iron is going for a $60 (about £38, AU$70) pledge, which is more than many electric waffle irons cost. However, regular waffle irons don't turn out hilarious breakfast foods in the shape of computer peripherals. Advantage: Keyboard Waffle Iron. Now all we need is a mouse-shaped croissant.

Keyboard waffle
Yes, you can make blueberry waffles too. Chris Dimino