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Kenny G to make Audi Super Bowl star again?

Audi distances itself from from the cliches of luxury with an ad featuring musician Kenny G in today's Super Bowl. The company has prereleased a longer Kenny G film--it might be the game's funniest ad.

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Many participate in the tradition of the Super Bowl in order to laugh.

No, not at the saggy bottoms of linemen, but at the ads that, sadly, often strain like stand-up comedians in Des Moines pub.

However, Audi promises to be an exception.

The company was, to my yellowing eyes, the finest advertiser in last year's Super Bowl, with its joyous "Green Police" ad.

This year, the chances of an Audi repeat seem rather high.

The company has prereleased some longer YouTube films, all of which offer the concept that everyone who drives Beamers, Mercedes, and Lexuses is trapped in luxurious confinement.

And what better way to express this than to feature Kenny G as the man who quells riots in the luxury prison with his soothing sax?

Audi has reportedly already declared that Kenny G will--in his role of Head of Riot Suppression--be appearing shortly after the kickoff of today's game.

We will, no doubt, be treated to an image or two of some car (or two) during the Super Bowl spot. We will even be treated to Audi being, allegedly, the first to use a Twitter hashtag, #ProgressIs, on screen. (Sample post so far: "#ProgressIs the opposite of Congress.")

However, viewers will surely be enchanted by a quite brilliant performance from a man who, by some, is mostly admired for his golfing prowess. (He's good. Really.)

You might imagine that people tune in to ads to hear about the latest technological advancements of some tablet, cell phone or car.

But what they will most remember are those actors who make them giggle, make them talk and make them giggle again the following day.