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Kelly Clarkson just won the holidays with this 'Game of Thrones' Christmas card

The singer shows off her geeky "Game of Thrones" fandom with a House Blackstock holiday card that looks like it was sent from Westeros.

Kelly Clarkson and family pledge their allegiance to House Stark with their "Game of Thrones" holiday card.
Kelly Clarkson/Facebook

If people living in Westeros sent holiday cards, they might just look like this.

Singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson posted a holiday card to Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday wishing her friends and followers a "Merry Christmas from the Blackstocks."

In the photo, Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, stand with their daughter, as well as Brandon's son and daughter from a previous marriage, in front of an imposing house that looks like it'd fit right in in the Northern part of Westeros.

The photo strongly suggests that House Blackstock would be closely aligned with House Stark, with the Stark's gray direwolf sigil on the top of the image alongside the Stark family motto: "Winter is Coming."

The Blackstocks are wearing Scottish kilts and dresses to celebrate Brandon's Scottish roots, and while we haven't seen too many kilts wandering around Westeros, perhaps House Blackstock would bring some colorful Scottish fashion to the North.

House Blackstock and their traditional kilts will probably not be found in season 6 of HBO's "Game of Thrones," which premieres on HBO sometime in April 2016.