Keep Amazon's Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth, petitions beg

Another petition is urging the billionaire to buy and eat the Mona Lisa. Ciao?

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, unveils a new moon lander called Blue Moon in 2019. 

Ben Rubin/CNET

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos is headed to space next month aboard Blue Origin's first crewed rocket to space,  and some people wish the billionaire would just stay there. A humorous online petition with more than 20,000 signatures calls for Bezos to be denied reentry to Earth.

The petition's wording is far from serious.

"Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor, disguised as the supposed owner of a super successful online retail store," the petition reads. "However, he's actually an evil overlord hellbent on global domination. We've known this for years."

The petition goes on to mention Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the late Jeffrey Epstein, ending with, "This may be our last chance before they enable the 5G microchips and perform a mass takeover."

Turns out that petition isn't alone. Another petition, titled "Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth," has even more signatures, clocking in at over 50,000 as of Monday.

That petition has just one line of text, which reads: "(Billionaires) should not exist...on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there."

This isn't the only unusual petition involving Bezos. A petition urging the businessman to "buy and eat the Mona Lisa" has more than 11,600 signatures as of this writing. 

"Nobody has eaten the Mona Lisa and we feel Jeff Bezos needs to take a stand and make this happen," the petition reads. 

Kane Powell of Maryland started the petition after a discussion with friends at an Applebee's about how Bezos has enough money to buy the famous Leonardo da Vinci portrait.

"I mean, me and my fiancée were dipping into the dollar drink menu," the 22-year-old Powell told Vice

The Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre museum in Paris and, needless to say, is not for sale. Although if anyone could afford it, Bezos could.

Bezos, his brother Mark, and an auction winner will ride along on the maiden crewed flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard on July 20.

A representative for Amazon didn't respond to a request for comment.