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Keanu Reeves is writing a 'brutally violent' comic called BRZRKR

The 12-issue limited series will be out in October.

Boom Studios!/Mark Brooks

Keanu Reeves is putting his action credentials to work on a new venture: writing a comic book. The John Wick and Matrix star is working with co-writer Matt Kindt and artist Alessandro Vitti on BRZRKR, a 12-issue comic from Boom! Studios that'll debut in October. 

The "brutally violent" series follows an immortal warrior, known as Berzerker, as he fight his way through the ages. Reeves told USA Today that the story will take some "really interesting twists and turns" and that the comic will explore themes of "the nature of violence, morals, ethics (and) what side do you choose."

Artwork for the comic that's been released so far appears to also take some inspiration from Reeves. While it's still early days, Reeves already seems interested in bringing the Berzerker to the big screen. 

"I'd love to play Berzerker!" Reeves told USA Today. "It's a really fun story so if it's not me, hopefully someone can play it."

Reeves spoke to USA Today while in Berlin doing rehearsals for the Matrix 4, which is scheduled to be released in 2021. We'll get to see him next in Bill and Ted Face the Music on Aug. 28 (assuming the release doesn't get delayed).

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