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Accept offers up 'Lost' flight

The final season of the hit sci-fi series premieres next week, and travel site Kayak has what appears to be an unofficial tie-in. Or is it?'s 'Easter egg'--you can get a search result for the fictional flight that catalyzed TV series 'Lost.'

I can think of some people who would pay $4,839 for the chance to wind up on a beautiful tropical island where Matthew Fox routinely takes off his shirt--even if there were man-eating smoke monsters and vicious polar bears involved.

Buzz started spreading around on Twitter that you can find something awfully funny on travel search site search for a one-way flight from Sydney to Los Angeles to take place on September 22, 2010, and one of the search results that pops up is Oceanic Airlines, the fictional airline made famous by TV sci-fi drama "Lost."

If you try to buy the ticket, it'll redirect you to a page on "Lost" fan wiki site Lostpedia; more specifically, the page for Oceanic Flight 815, which in the "Lost" mythology crash-landed on the show's mysterious uncharted island on September 22, 2004.

I pinged Kayak for more details and to find out if this is a new add-on or if it's been there for a while. It also would be cool if it were a legitimate "Lost" promotion; the show's final season premieres on Tuesday. But considering the link from Kayak directs to a fan site rather than anything official, that's unlikely. Slashfilm covered the "Easter egg," linking to BoingBoing, which linked to the Twitter account of writer David Weinberger.

Kayak PR representative Robert Birge's only comment was, "It's a mystery," followed by a sly smiley-face emoticon.

Update: Oh, snap. Twitter user @editorlisa brings to my attention the pricing of the flight; $4,815.16 airfare, $23.42 in taxes and fees. Yup, that'd be the sequence of numbers that continually appears on "Lost": 4-8-15-16-23-42. The flight is also listed as 10 hours, 8 minutes long, which is definitely a nod to the sum of those numbers (108), considering an actual nonstop flight from Sydney to Los Angeles is somewhere between 13 and 14 hours.