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Kardashian mom chooses Twitter to reveal baby pic

In a move that must make Facebook feel a touch ill, Twitter is yet again at the center of the world's attention. Well, who would ever watch "Keeping Up With The Syrians"?

A media princess in the making?
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Occupy your moral high ground in silence.

Put down your barb-bazookas and accept that, whatever Quincy Jones might once have tried to insist, you are not the world.

The world isn't interested in Chelsea Manning, Syria, surveillance, or Snowden of the East.

The world's eyes are pointed North West.

Should you have only recently drifted into consciousness, you might not be aware that North West is the name of the recently born daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The world was possessed with eager anticipation of whose beauty this child would reflect more. Emergency services on all continents were on standby for sudden epidemics of incontinence.

So it fell to Kris Jenner, the entirely media-literate Kardashian mama, to decide where to place the first view of North West.

Instead of selling the image to one publication or another, thereby causing a frenzy of hurt, despair (and, perhaps, revenge), she decided to give the image to the people.

Yet she didn't choose the cumbersome cruise liner of Facebook. No, she chose the speedy battleship of Twitter.

If it happens, it happens on Twitter first. Like the finest club, Twitter is happening. So Jenner knew that if she wanted the Jennerate dynamic shrieking, Twitter was where the image had to be.

It's hardly a wonder that Facebook is reportedly wondering whether to have a special mobile app for the exclusive use of celebrities.

The minute you push out a tweet, the world sees it scroll into view and breaking news feels like a fragrant shower after a day loading boxes into a moving van.

The art of Twitter is that it can remain both glamorous and stoically newsy and argumentative, all within competing breaths.

Of course, once the Twitterati had been fed, Kim Kardashian herself posted the picture to Facebook-owned Instagram.

But by then it was already news. It wasn't breaking; it was broken -- there for all the world to peer inside.

I am sure that when North finds her own bearings and learns from such fine media manipulators, she will manage the public's affections just as deftly as her forebears.