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Karaoke mic has endless ways to humiliate

So many controls (and beers), so little time


We're not naming names, but there are some people here at Crave who think they could karaoke their way to American Idol if given half the chance. (Luckily, we don't have a half to give.) Whenever possible, we try to appease these misguided souls with an item to help them keep their dreams alive--without encouraging them too much.

To that end, today we're highlighting the "Munia MH-6600" karaoke microphone, which seems to be the ultimate piece of equipment for those hell-bent on humiliating themselves. Ubergizmo says it supports MP3 downloads and video playback, among a wealth of other functions. In fact, it has so many controls that it looks like a universal remote with a microphone head glued on top.

For now, however, our crooning collegues would have to travel to South Korea to get one of them. Come to think of it, maybe that's not such a bad idea after all.