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Kanye West: I am Steve Jobs

While chatting with his audience during a concert in Paris, the famed rapper explains that he is, in fact, the embodiment of Apple's co-founder. Oh, he's also Walt Disney and Pablo Picasso.

What would he look like in a black turtleneck?
David West/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you're on a roll, it's hard not to bathe in your own confidence.

In Kanye West's case, he is not only one of the most revered musical minds in the world, but he's also secured the hand and mind of Kim Kardashian.

Can life get any better than this?

The lovely thing about Kanye is that he's very keen on self-expression. So performing in Paris on Monday night, he wanted his audience to clearly understand the context of his greatness.

(An aside: One reviewer found Monday night's performance overall to be "engaging and exciting," while Le Figaro's account (in French) invoked the adjectives "cold," "poor," and "disgusting.")

As the Sun reports, he first offered: "No matter how they try to control you, or the ***** next to you tries to peer pressure you, you can do what you ***** want."

This is very much the spirit of the Internet age.

West's is a rap of freedom, a cry for openness and sharing. So then he decided to share who he really is -- you can catch it for yourself at 5:03 in this YouTube video.

He offered: "I am Picasso. I am Michelangelo. I am Basquiat. I am Walt Disney. I am Steve Jobs."

There might be an Apple aficionado or two who would be appalled that West would compare himself to Apple's co-founder.

Picasso and Walt Disney, sure. They were mere artists of the drawing kind. Likewise the ancient and modern colorists Michelangelo and Basquiat.

But has Kanye really brought changes to the world as significant as those wrought by Apple in Jobs' day?

Could he have ever helped create anything as mind-altering as the iPod? Could he have possibly had the creative wherewithal to husband a magical revolution like the iPhone or the iPad?

Many would say no. I say give him the chance.

There are those who fear that Apple is currently lacking a little outre inspiration. There are those who worry that the company's finest hour might already have gonged on the grandfather clock.

If Kanye really is Picasso and Walt Disney, he is surely the man Cupertino has been waiting for, the man who has the creative spark to take the company's thinking beyond that of the gadgetry equivalent of, say, Taylor Swift.

Perhaps Tim Cook can give him the chance to prove that he really is Steve Jobs.

Surely so many will stand back and be amazed at what he might inspire.