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Kanye West visits Trump, Twitter gasps

Commentary: Could the great rapper be offered a spot in the cabinet? After all, he said he'd have voted for Trump.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

A new secretary of state for culture, perhaps?

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump's priorities are clear.

Tech industry leaders are to attend a conversation with the president-elect at Trump Tower on Wednesday.

But Kanye West got a personal meeting on Tuesday.

Just days ago, West was released from hospital, having suffered an unknown trauma. Now here he was, dressed in black with a fetching gold chain, posing with Donald Trump.

Naturally, Twitter endured conniptions. West began to trend, as other events receded in Twitter's gaze.

As a Twitter user by the name of James Melville tweeted: "Kanye West arriving at Trump Tower is trending above the atrocities at #Aleppo. Social media priorities have turned the lights off."

You think this event wasn't serious? Please consider that C-SPAN (tagline: "Where history unfolds daily") tweeted about it.

Some will wonder what West and Trump have in common. Well, during a recent concert West insisted that he would have voted for Trump. Had he voted at all, that is.

Might Trump consider West as his secretary of state for culture? All Trump would divulge to CNN is that they'd been friends for a long time and had discussed "life."

I feel sure that he at least asked West to help him prepare for the boring tech leaders. One surefire question: "What's it like being the next Steve Jobs, Kanye?"

West was reluctant to answer questions. "I just want to take a picture right now," was all he said.

That's what this was about: image. And, Trump's detractors would say, distraction from the awkwardness around suggestions that hackers backed by Russia were intent on getting Trump elected.

Some Twitterers didn't delve so deeply. They were more moved by the sheer spectacle.

A user named Ron Asher, for example, offered: "To give you an idea of the massive scale of Trump Tower -- The atrium was big enough to hold the egos of both Trump & Kanye West."

Where egos dare to tread, mere mortals gasp in wonder.