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Kanex Thunderbolt cable is long and expensive

Kanex announces a new Thunderbolt cable that has the same specs as the one made by Apple, but is more expensive.

The new Thunderbolt cable from Kanex.
The new Thunderbolt cable from Kanex.

If you've been following my reviews of Thunderbolt devices, which you should, you can't help but notice how I've been lamenting about the cable.

There are a couple of things about the Thunderbolt cable from Apple that thins my hair: none of the devices comes with one; it's expensive at $50; it has a ridiculous single-size length (video); and you can only get one from Apple.

Now things have changed a bit, but the future doesn't seem much brighter.

Kanex, the maker of the first MHL-HDMI cable for Android phones, announced today that it's now making Thunderbolt cables, too, offering you an option of not having to get one from Apple. But the good news ends there.

The Thunderbolt cable from Kanex is almost the exact size as that made by Apple, 6 feet, and it actually costs more at $60. As though trying to make up for this, it comes in black; the Apple one is white, of course.

As a Thunderbolt cable, this one from Kanex supports data rates up to 10Gbps and can handle both data and video/audio signal.

While I don't see why you should get this cable and not the one from Apple, the only good news from this is the fact that Apple is no longer the exclusive provider of the Thunderbolt technology and accessories.

In a way this might just be a small change signaling the larger shift of the Thunderbolt ecosystem. After all, you can already get a Windows computer that supports Thunderbolt. Hopefully, more vendors will start making Thunderbolt devices and accessories to drive the pricing down.