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K-9 slippers keep Time Lord feet comfy

Allons-y, feet! The classic "Doctor Who" companion K-9 now comes in fuzzy footwear for Whovians, alongside tweed suit and Tardis slippers, on ThinkGeek.

The best 'Doctor Who' companion is the one that keeps your feet warm. ThinkGeek

Each Time Lord on "Doctor Who" has his or her own signature look, so it makes sense to give fans their own, with stylish slippers in the shape of a Tardis and even Matt Smith's tweed suit and red bow tie, but it's the latest addition on ThinkGeek of these exclusive K-9 slippers that is creating a buzz among "Doctor Who" bloggers.

The officially licensed slippers, which honor the classic "Doctor Who" companion and robot dog K-9, are polyester embellished with embroidered details and his signature collar. They come in sizes small and medium, and cost $29.99.

Even though technically the Tardis slippers should be bigger on the inside than outside, those slippers come in women's sizes 6-10 and men's sizes 8-12.

All "Doctor Who" slippers available at ThinkGeek are in the open-back style and have hard soles in case you must run outside to escape from Daleks while wearing a Tardis bathrobe.

These Tardis slippers make sure you can escape from Weeping Angels and creepy Cybermen in style. ThinkGeek