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Jynx: A social network that nixes everyone you disagree with

A parody video from Above Average shows social networking taken to the extreme. On Jynx, you only see posts from friends who share the same opinions as you.

Sick of all those political posts from crazy uncle John, or the overly religions ones from Aunt Irma? A new fake social network called Jynx connects you only with those whose opinions you agree with, in this parody video from the Above Average comedy network.

On Jynx, users would only see posts from friends who share their opinions on religion, politics, social issues and entertainment.

"With Jynx, you won't see any more updates from your slightly racist uncle," Jynx's creator says in the announcement video. "Unless you're slightly racist, in which case, that's all you'll see." Every time you share the exact same status as a like-minded friend, your Jynx score goes up letting everyone know how popular your opinions are no matter whether they're right or wrong.

Jynx promises a world where people can go an entire day without seeing a single social-media post they disagree with. That probably already happens anyway, given that you can mute people on Facebook and Twitter, or unfriend and unfollow those who you continually disagree with, but it's nice to see a fake social network trying to do that hard work for us.

Jynx is the social network exclusively for people like you. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET