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JVC's LCD HDTV mates well with iPod, iPhone

The dock on JVC's LT-P300 series of LCD TV provides a well-designed and easy way to enjoy iPod and iPhone content in the living room.

JVC's iPod-friendly LT-P300 series features a flip-out dock that can remain concealed when not in use. Sarah Tew/CNET

The Apple iPod phenomenon has invaded not only your ears, but also your car, your home audio system, and now your television.

JVC's LT-P300 series include some of the only TVs on the market designed specifically to work with iPods and iPhones, allowing you to charge your iPod and play back music, videos, and photos via the TV. JVC's integrated dock goes a step beyond the dongles and docks found on AV receivers such as the Pioneer VSX-1019A-HK and TVs such as the Panasonic TX-LX1 series because it actually folds out from the front of the TV for a seamless integration that should please convenience-conscious Apple fans.

The look of the televisions does not hew to the company's strict design canon of flat planes and rounded corners, but given its decent picture quality and good-enough feature set, that's probably the only thing that will deter folks seeking the most Apple-friendly TV available today.

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