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JVC's affordable sound bar sports a wireless sub, easy controls

CNET reviews the JVC TH-BA1 sound bar home theater system, finding it affordable, easy, and better-sounding than expected. Only glitch is it doesn't offer HDMI connectivity.


For absolute home theater simplicity, it's hard to beat a sound bar home theater in a box (HTIB) system. One long speaker, no AV receiver required, and no pesky wires running all over your living room. The JVC TH-BA1 does the standard configuration one better by including a wireless subwoofer, so the only cables you'll need are behind your TV cabinet.

Aside from the wireless subwoofer, the TH-BA1 includes a standard assortment of features, but it stands out from the pack with its better-than-expected sound quality and ease of use. The lack of HDMI connectivity is the major knock against the TH-BA1--and you'd be wise to check out the Sony HT-CT100 if you need HDMI ports--but otherwise it's one of the best deals we've seen, especially compared with the more expensive Yamaha YSP-900 and Denon DHT-FS3.

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