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JVC LCDs get 120Hz this fall

JVC announces three new LCD models this fall, each featuring a 120Hz refresh rate and three HDMI 1.3 inputs.

JVC LT-42X898
JVC LT-42X898

JVC will be rolling out three new flat-panel LCD HDTVs this fall, each featuring 120Hz refresh rate and JVC's new Clear Motion Drive II (CMD II) technology. Both the high refresh rate and the CMD II technology are supposed to reduce the blurring that sometimes occurs on lesser LCD panels during fast-motion scenes, although we have to admit we haven't seen much of that on newer LCDs. The CMD II technology also claims to do some motion interpolation--in other words, taking two frames of a movie and averaging them together to make a "new" frame in between. We're definitely interested to see how this looks in the real world, although it might bother some film buffs with an attachment to the standard 24 frames-per-second look.

JVC didn't spill many additional details on these sets. Each model will have a native resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p), but according to Gizmodo they won't be able to accept 1080p signals at 24 frames-per-second from compatible high-def disc players. The LCDs will also have three HDMI 1.3 inputs, but no word on the rest of the connectivity. JVC is also touting thin, 1.5-inch frames on these LCD, which is a trend we also saw with Mitsubishi's new LCDs announced earlier this week. No pricing info yet, but the 47-inch LT-47X898, 42-inch LT-42X898, and 37-inch LT-37X898 should be available sometime this fall.

Sources: JVC press release via Gizmodo