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JVC Everio MG730 too expensive for a standard-def camcorder

Despite good performance and the ability to capture 7-megapixel still images, this little hard drive-based camcorder is priced too closely to better HD models.

It's not that the JVC Everio GZ-MG730 camcorder isn't good. The body is compact and comfortable to use. It produces solid-quality standard-definition video, and due to its 7-megapixel sensor you'll get above-average still photos out of it, too. There are manual controls for photos and video, a built-in flash for photos, and a microSD slot for additional storage beyond the internal 30GB hard drive. Dock and remote are included.

However, with a price ranging from $649 to $799 it's simply too expensive to overlook the fact that it is standard definition; the photos are not good enough to make this a still-camera replacement; and it's missing things like an accessory shoe, external mic and headphone jacks, and optical image stabilization. With older, but still good HD camcorders in and around this same price point, the MG730 is a tough sell.

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