Justin.tv says hello to Justine.tv

Justine Ezarik, a 23-year-old Pittsburgh native, debuts in a "Truman Show"-esque Web broadcast.

Greg Sandoval Former Staff writer
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Greg Sandoval

Justin.tv is making way for Justine.tv, a prettier, East Coast version of the all-live, all-the-time Web show.

Justin Kan, host of his own Web"lifecast," has spun off a new show featuring Justine Ezarik, an attractive 23-year-old Pittsburgh native.

Justine Ezarik is opening up her life to the Web. Justine Ezarik

Kan emerged last year as an Internet star after he attached a video camera to his head and began beaming his life to the Web. He is founder of Justin.tv, a company trying to sell video players that stream live video to the Web.

Ezarik debuted this week and a review of some of her videos has produced little excitement. It's obvious she looks good on camera, but watching her wash dishes or chat with a friend while driving isn't exactly compelling TV. Perhaps Ezarik needs to get busted by police or evicted--the kind of nail-biting moments Kan has provided on his show.

Kan, 23, told the San Francisco Chronicle that Ezarik "is a natural star."

According to the Chronicle, Ezarik got a tryout as host of Justin.tv in April and won over fans by dancing with a street performer in San Francisco's Union Square.

She also fudged the truth while trying to get inside an Apple store. She told employees there that the camera was hardwired to her brain and she needed it to see.

Maybe she can use some of that creativity to boost the thrills on her broadcasts.