Justice is served: SCO ordered to pay Novell millions

SCO is a nettlesome weed, but at least it's being made to pay.

It's true that we haven't been forced to put up with SCO for a year or two, but I will admit to still feeling annoyed by the festering cesspool of greed that leaked from SCO's boardroom into the software industry for several years. These guys deserve to pay.

And so they will. Unfortunately, not very much. $2.55 million.

Still, the irony is sweet, as Groklaw suggests:

So, SCO breached its fiduciary duty to Novell, converted funds, and so it has to pay. That is ironic, in that this case started with SCO accusing Novell of slander of title, and asking for millions in damages. Instead it has to *pay* Novell millions.

Sometimes the good guys win. I just wish Novell could pierce the corporate veil and take more money out of Darl and his henchmen. That would be true justice. But I'll settle for what little the US courts can render under the circumstances.