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Just what we need: MySpaceTV's new 'hidden camera' reality show

Social network co-produces "Special Delivery," which throws delivery employees into awkward situations caught on film.


MySpaceTV, the video platform run by the popular social network, announced Tuesday the launch of Special Delivery, a new hidden-camera reality show.

The premise of Special Delivery's short videos is to catch delivery employees (pizza, packages, and the like) in awkward situations, roping them into stunts like "Would you do a birthday dance for my dog?" and "Will you help me propose to the love of my life?" Naturally, there's a camera hidden somewhere so it's all caught on film.

Special Delivery is the second project that has co-developed for its video platform, which launched last June. The first was faux-reality show Roommates. The new program was created in association with a company called Avalon TV, whose executive producers are Jason Irwin and Garth Holsinger

The programming on MySpaceTV has varied extensively in quality and reception. Prom Queen, created by former Disney czar Michael Eisner's production company, got a decent amount of buzz but Eisner admitted it wasn't profitable. The scripted drama Quarterlife, a project from the team behind My So-Called Life and Thirtysomething, was enough of a success that NBC picked it up amid the Writers Guild of America strike. But Roommates, created exclusively for MySpace, debuted to cringe-worthy reviews.

MySpaceTV also syndicates content from professional distribution partners like National Geographic and The Onion, as well as Hulu, the joint venture between NBC and MySpace parent company News Corp. The site additionally hosts an extensive amount of user-generated video.