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Just say no to lame holiday parties

A handy Web tool helps you get out of loathsome holiday parties.

Holiday party excuse generator
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Not to brag, but Crave gets invited to lots of holiday parties. More parties than we care to attend, in fact. And while we do try to send heartfelt regrets to, say, our parents, for the most part we reserve our witty comments for this site. Which is why we're fond of the Holiday Party Excuse Generator from interactive design firm Enlighten. You select the type of party, your feelings for the host, the tone, and how believable you want your excuse to be. The Excuse Generator does the rest, producing pithy replies that start with such phrases as "I have no trace of regret that I will be unable to attend your snore-inducing soiree" and go downhill from there. If you're feeling particularly Scrooge-like, you can even e-mail the excuse to your unsuspecting host. Just don't blame us if there's coal in your stocking this year.