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Just in case there's any confusion...

The Macalope's on Twitter

The Macalope
Born of the earth, forged in fire, the Macalope was branded "nonstandard" and "proprietary" by the IT world and considered a freak of nature. Part man, part Mac, and part antelope, the Macalope set forth on a quest to save his beloved platform. Long-eclipsed by his more prodigious cousin, the jackalope (they breed like rabbits, you know), the Macalope's time has come. Apple news and rumormonger extraordinaire, the Macalope provides a uniquely polymorphic approach. Disclosure.
The Macalope

In order to protect his good name, the Macalope now has a Twitter account.

"TheMacalope". Accept no substitutes, ask for him by name.

Well, assuming Twitter's up.