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'Jurassic World' toy leaks look of monstrous Indominus Rex

Action-movie hero Chris Pratt may be headlining the new "Jurassic World" movie, but the real star of the show is the mysterious nasty hybrid dino Indominus Rex.

Editor's note: Don't scroll to the bottom of this story if you'd rather hold out and be surprised by the look of Indominus Rex.

We all want to see "Jurassic World" because we can't wait to watch Chris Pratt run around. OK, that may be a small enticement, but what we really want to see is dinosaurs. Little ones, big ones and crimes against nature like the hotly anticipated Indominus Rex, a crazy big-toothed hybrid monstrosity.

The "Jurassic World" marketing team has been teasing us with glimpses of the scary big fella. There's a silhouette on the official website showing weird spiky protuberances and extremely long claws that look like they could disembowel anything slow that wanders across the beast's path. The most complete look we've gotten yet of the beast is through the reveal of a Hasbro line of toys dedicated to the dino flick.

The toy shows a grayish genetically engineered creature with a huge mouth ringed with flesh-ripping teeth. It has red eyes and some surprisingly long and muscular arms. This is one Tyrannosaurus rex-type dino that won't be the butt of jokes for its useless front limbs. Its hands also look capable, like it may be able to grab things, pick locks or engage in a very dangerous game of thumb wrestling.

The Indominus Rex toy will be available this spring for a retail price of $34.99 (about £23, AU$45). Hasbro's description says it will feature "chomping action, roaring SFX and color-morphing skin."

What else do we know about the breakout star of "Jurassic World?" Its name means "fierce or untamable king." It's currently about 40 feet in length. Its weight is unknown, probably because they don't make a bathroom scale big enough to hold it. One more tidbit to be gleaned from the Hasbro information: Indominus Rex is a lady.

Indominus Rex toy
Maybe Indominus Rex just wants to cuddle. Hasbro

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